110530 Happy Birthday IM YOONA!

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    110530 Happy Birthday IM YOONA!

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-05-30, 11:00

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    SNSD’s fancafe ‘Cistus’ and ‘Smile YoonA’ published an ad on a Korean daily newspaper to convey their birthday messages to YoonA who celebrates her 21st (22nd in Korean age) birthday on May 30th.

    In conjunction with YoonA’s birthday, members of ‘Cistus’ and ‘Smile YoonA’ carried out voluntary works at the Children’s Foundation in Chungbuk and also helped the disabled people with their outdoor activities. Prior to these voluntary works, ‘Cistus’ also made a donation in YoonA’s name to the Children’s Foundation through
    Naver’s Happy Bean. Every year, these voluntary works and donation are carried out by the fancafes on each of the member’s birthday.

    YoonA’s birthday is not only celebrated among Korean fans but also among international SONEs. Various international fansites conveyed their birthday greetings to YoonA through their respective fan boards/forums. At 12am KST on May 30th, SONEs from all around the world tweeted ‘IM YOONA’ with no hashtag in celebration of YoonA’s birthday.

    fanwonder.com would like to take this opportunity to wish YoonA a happy birthday and hope that she will have many happy returns of the day.

    Credit: yonhapnews.co.kr
    Source: fanwonder.com

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