110414 It’s Yuri again! Where’s Sooyoung?

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    110414 It’s Yuri again! Where’s Sooyoung?

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-04-14, 14:42

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    It has been revealed that Yuri’s Vita500 label is the easiest to collect among the 9 members. Through observations made on 10 boxes of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical’s Vita500 SNSD Special Edition, There were 20 Yuri’s Vita 500 bottles out of the 100 bottles, the highest among others. ‘Vita500 Sooyoung’ is the least with 4 bottles out of 100 bottles.

    Let’s collect all 9 girls

    Vita500, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, is endorsed by SNSD. Recently, Vita500 is gaining explosive popularity with the “Special Editions” as they have the label of SNSD members on them.

    Hangook GM Blogger “Dapara” gives out a bottle of Vita500 to his colleagues everyday. He is determined to collect all the nine members and bought 3 boxes of Vita500. However, he was only able to collect Seohyun, Jessica, Hyoyeon, and Yuri. His colleagues teased him by saying “Is there any good news?”, “Are you giving out today as well?”, “We have to return the empty bottles, right?”, “Is there no YoonA?”, etc.

    University student, DongIl, goes to the convenient store everyday. “I’ve got Yuri, Tiffany, Taeyeon…seems like there’s no Sooyoung today again.”

    Looking at 100 bottles of Vita500…

    10 boxes of Vita500 were opened and 100 bottles of Vita500 were observed.

    Yuri was the ‘easiest to look for’. Out of the 100 bottles, Yuri’s label appeared on 20 bottles (20%). Sunny – 16 bottles, Seohyun – 14 bottles, Hyoyeon and Jessica with 12 bottles each, Tiffany – 9 bottles, Taeyeon – 7 bottles while YoonA – 6 bottles. Out of the 100 bottles, there were only 4 Sooyoung bottles, making her the ‘hardest to look for’.

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    There is no discrimination on any members

    KwangDong Pharmaceutical stated that “The labels of each member are produced in the same quantity. The products are automatically packaged. Thus, it is hard to guess on which member will be in each box.”

    Credit: hankyung.com
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