110403 What does the future hold for Kpop in Japan?

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    110403 What does the future hold for Kpop in Japan?

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-04-03, 13:29

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    “Although the Japan Entertainment industry faces difficulties due to the Japan earthquake, Kpop powers might be undermined by the situation too. Currently, the South Korean government is paying close attention to Tokyo tourism. Although the contents of reports pertaining to the radiation issue are yet to be known, people are wary of the radiation effects. Forcing them (the Kpop powers) into the market is also impossible.”

    Tokyo Sports reported that some Japanese entertainment researchers made disappointment predictions such as – ‘Is Kpop coming to an end?’. Kara’s Music Station performance which was scheduled to be aired on 18th of March was canceled due to some difficulties. After the earthquake, (the company) also requested to cancel their casting for events in April.

    Media stated that as Kpop stars in Japan returned back to Korea to cut down losses while male group Big Bang and girl groups that initially planned to appear as new stars may also break their agreements with Japan and refuse to advance into its market.

    Besides Korean artists, western artists have also canceled their schedules in Japan, one by one. On 22nd of March, Ne-Yo who was scheduled to hold a concert in Yokohama made an official announcement that he would only step up on stage if radiation level is made known to him.

    At the same time, event observers in Japan are concerned if the explosive popularity of Kpop will disappear eventually. As it requires time for the earthquake and radiation problems to be solved, there are many possible outcomes that might happen to Kpop in Japan.

    Also, Japanese entertainment producers who are familiar with Korea entertainment industry mentioned in Tokyo Sports, “Although Korean artists like Kara’s Goo Hara are showing support for the disasters, we do not think that there will be another similar Kpop boom again (in the future). In any case there will be some losses.”

    “Be it any event or new song releases, if the singers do not come (to Japan), promotions are impossible. That is why achieving similar popularity as before is very difficult”. The newspaper also stated that even after all situations go back to normal in Japan, the booming of Kpop in Japan is still a big question mark.

    Credit: mydaily.co.kr
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