110327 The value of celebrities in brand packaging

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    110327 The value of celebrities in brand packaging

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-03-27, 03:38

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    The so-called "face value" of celebrities has been revealed.

    GS25, a South Korean chain of convenience stores, disclosed that after idols' images were used on packaging, sales of Happy Money gift certificates, Ppusyeo Ppusyeo (a snack) and Kwangdong Vita500 (a bottled drink) increased by 63%, 29% and 12% respectively.

    At GS25 alone, Happy Money gift certificates under the SNSD "Hoot" collection saw a 63% increase in sales since December 2010, when it first hit shelves.

    The sale of Ppusyeo Ppusyeo also saw an increase of 29.2% after idol group SHINee's faces were printed on its otherwise generic packaging. This percentage further increased by 28.8% after female idol group f(x)'s images were used.

    On March 1, Vita500 came up with a new packaging that featured SNSD's faces on its bottles; since then, they have witnessed an increase of 12% in sales as compared to the previous month.

    The Kim Hyeja packed lunch has been the driving force behind the popularity of GS25's lunchboxes as of late. Currently, it accounts for the first, second and third placings in terms of lunchbox sales at GS25.

    Last year, as soon the Kim Takgu bread bearing the face of its namesake character from the popular drama Baking King Kim Takgu was launched, it claimed first place in sales. Even now, it takes first, second, and fourth place, showing its popularity.

    Aside from that, Hwatong Ramyun endorsed by Kang Hodong, spicy sausage stew and rabokki by Jung Hyungdon and pantyhose by Jeong Ga Eun saw sales balloon by 176%, 163%, 230% and 194% respectively.

    GS25 explained the reason for these products' success and stated, "The brand and design are what consumers immediately come into contact with when they learn of a product. Products that feature the faces of stars they know stick more firmly in their minds."

    A product team manager from GS25 stated, "Starting from the time of the "Kim Jini [a comedian] bread", products with images of stars have been endlessly receiving love. In the future too, we will continue launching products that feature stars who match well with them."

    Source: DongA Economy
    Credits : koreaboo.com

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