100819 Girls Groups Leaving For Japan vs Boy Groups Returning From Japan


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    100819 Girls Groups Leaving For Japan vs Boy Groups Returning From Japan

    Post by ♥Jessica on 2010-08-19, 11:14

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    Korean groups have been dominating lately in the Japanese music scene. While we know that the boy groups have already gained much popularity in the country, girl groups are still making their way into the Japanese entertainment industry.

    So, we reviewed some of the groups that have caught the Japanese fans’ attention.

    Becoming the first Korean girl groups to enter the top 10 of the Oricon weekly single charts, the beautiful girl group KARA has indeed garnered much interest in Japan. The five beauties have also been undeniably successful with their activities after previously reported to have gathered 10,000 fans during their handshaking event.

    KARA plans to return to Korea with their newest mini album this September.

    Another girl group that is also making its name in Japan is our lovable SNSD. The nine girls plan todebut by holding a massive showcase for 10,000 fans in Tokyo on the 25th.

    Meanwhile, boy groups are making their comeback in Korea after being missing in action for a while.

    After FT Island’s success in Japan, the boy group plans to make its official comeback in Korea on the 25th. They have ranked in the top ten of the Oricon charts and have also achieved much in the country.

    Supernova, which has also become popular overseas, comes back to Korea with their mini album‘Time to Shine’. The group has also released ‘On Days That I Missed You’ on the 18th.

    With these groups reigning in Japan and newer ones to come, the Hallyu wave will undoubtedly take over Japan in a huge impact.

    News Credit: DailyKpop
    News Source:Gil Hye Sung @star.mt.co.kr
    Translation:ch0sshi @kpoplive.com
    Written by:reindrops @kpoplive.com

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