110324 A peek into the lives of trainees

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    110324 A peek into the lives of trainees

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-03-24, 08:01

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    The conditions of trainees in entertainment agencies, the birthplace of idol stars were revealed.

    On March 24th, according to the ‘Entertainment Management Industry Survey’ conducted by Professor Kim Mingyu of Ajou University, huge entertainment companies have about 100 trainees on average and about 70 of them are in their teenage years.

    Average training period is 14.57 months. After group selection has been made, preparation for debut takes about 16.30 months. On average, the duration of the contracts signed by the trainees are good for 4.22 years. According to the survey, after debut, the entertainers signed a 7-year contract with their companies, in accordance with the standard condition of contract.

    Generally, trainees begin their practice at 6pm – 7pm after their classes and reach home about 10pm – 11pm. Although complaints of unfair treatment are rare, some of the trainees were being asked to go on diet.

    Also, 80% of the young entertainers missed their classes due to their schedules and activities as entertainers. The survey also studied cases where some of these young entertainers had to carry out long-hour activities through the night without prior consent.

    The current trainee system was adopted since 1997 in companies like SM Entertainment, etc and today, the 7 main entertainment companies are practicing this system. The new Korean Wave (Hallyu) was spearheaded by idol groups who were mostly developed and groomed through the trainee system.

    As the trainee system involves huge investment, it is difficult for small companies to implement the structure of the system which is similar to the ones adopted by big companies. Therefore, depending of the size of investment, there are variations in the structure of the trainee system in different companies. The education that the trainees received through this system is funded by the companies and they are mostly entertainment-related. Other lessons include foreign language studies, social skills, etc.

    The ‘Entertainment Management Survey’ based on the existing environment of the entertainment industry was carried out to formulate plans that can be implemented to improve and strengthen the system in place.

    Credit: spn.edaily.co.kr
    Source: fanwonder.com

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