110314 [Translation] SNSD - Spur Pink Magazine

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    110314 [Translation] SNSD - Spur Pink Magazine

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-03-14, 18:11

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    SNSD conquered Asia with their high-level singing and dancing and with a never seen before energy. We’re drawn in by the 9 natural girls who love music, fashion and having fun.

    Even at the set of the photoshoot SNSD’s laughter doesn’t cease. The combination of the nine girls is outstanding and when you see them they are like charming close friends. This time for the introduction of the members we will use the method of each one talking about the member next to them.

    From Yuri to Taeyeon
    Taeyeon has an image that is abundant with various charms. On the surface she is a typical cute girl, who has a light complexion and is short, but she also has a strong heart. Her charms are very reciprocal.

    From Taeyeon to Sooyoung
    Sooyoung is like a sponge (laughs). During the photoshoot whatever style is suggested for her she can fit it and everything she wears suits her. She is also studious and good in absorbing anything!

    From Sooyoung to Sunny
    Sunny is just like her name suggests a bright kid like the sun and she always cheers everyone up. She is our sun! Sunny’s yellow onepiece of today fits Sunny’s image exactly!

    From Sunny to Yuri
    Yuri is like a free bird. She has a very feminine image, but is actually cool and good looking.

    From Seohyun to Hyoyeon
    Hyoyeon unnie is amusing and a very friendly person. Because I’m younger she looks after me a lot. She always makes everyone laugh.

    From Hyoyeon to Seohyun
    Seohyun is a very reliable person even though she is the youngest and she is always positive. Even when I’m down she is bright and encourages me and because of that I become positive.

    From Jessica to Tiffany
    She is always energetic and can't sit still (laughs). But she can also be serious. Her charm can’t be said in a single word. She always laughs and her smile is very cute.

    From Tiffany to Yoona
    Even though her appearance is very cute she is actually tough and cool and a prodigy that makes people laugh. That gap is Yoona’s charm.

    From Yoona to Jessica
    Jessica is actually very feminine and charming. She has a good taste and her high sense of beauty is also very amazing.

    They debuted in 2007 in Korea. Not only in Korea, but all through Asia, they are the extremely popular top girl group. Debuting in Japan in September of 2010, they swept through the scene in a blink of an eye. Their singles, “Gee” and “Genie,” took the number 1 and 2 spot on Oricon’s Yearly Ranking: Single Ranking for New Artists. Their long-awaited new single has been announced to release in April 2011!

    I want to know the 9 girls better!!
    Questions to each soshi member

    1. Birth date and constellation and blood type?
    2. Favorite color?
    3. What kind of things do you imagine with pink?
    4. If you wear pink, how do you want to adopt it?
    5. What are the moments when you think it’s good to be a girl?
    6. What is your favorite Japanese word that you recently remembered?
    7. Privately what fashion do you like?
    8. What is the thing that you like the most right now?
    9. What is the latest trend?
    10.What made you want to be a singer?


    1. December 5th 1989, Sagittarius, AB
    2. pink
    3. a sweet, girly image
    4. being sexy in a shocking pink mini dress ♥
    5. When I buy cute pink accessories in Japan.
    6. Bikkuri shita: I’m surprised!
    7. Usually boyish, I wear a lot of black and gray. I love racing jackets.
    8. I want to learn the guitar!
    9. composing, guitar, cooking, make-up, exercising.... a lot right (laughs) !?
    10. Since I was a kid I loved singing and dancing in front of people so I thought it was my calling. (laughs)


    1. August 1st 1989, Leo, O
    2. Pink
    3. Cute and sexy while being lovely! All my possessions are pink (laughs)
    4. If it’s pink then it’s OK!
    5. When I’m stylish. Fashion and make-up are fun ♥
    6. Bacchiri: perfectly!
    7. Lately bright red lips are the trend and also leopard print.
    8. I want to become better in Japanese soon.
    9. Japanese nail art is so sparkling and I become happy just by looking at it.
    10. As a child I loved music and my big brother recommended it to me.


    1. April 18th 1989, Aries, B
    2. Pink and white
    3. Because I played the pinkaholic Elle in the musical ‘Cutie blonde’, I also started to like pink (laughs)
    4. My favorite is baby pink nails!
    5. When I can transform from sexy and cute to boyish!
    6. I want to meet you ♥ or I miss you ♥
    7. Lately I like a chic style
    8. Preparations for the next album
    9. knitting
    10. I got scouted by chance and now I love to sing.


    1. May 15th 1989, Taurus, B
    2. Pink and purple
    3. The cherry blossom festival in spring!
    4. I apply it on my cheeks and lips, it’s charming
    5. Because I can wear shorts in summer when it’s hot (laughs). And also because I can wear cute skirts!
    6. Kokoro kara anata wo omou: I’m thinking about you from the bottom of my heart. It’s my favorite part in the lyrics.
    7. A tight jeans or leggings with a loose T-shirt.
    8. Recently I’ve been reading the book ‘Love Game’ so I started thinking about true love.
    9. I like Jack from the movie ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’
    10. they forgot her last question


    1. September 22nd 1989, Virgo, AB
    2. red, pink, green
    3. I love pink! The wallpaper in my room, my closet, my dresser and my cellphone are all pink.
    4. a pink denim
    5. When I apply makeup. When I paint my nails pink
    6. Maketekudasai: Please lose!!
    7. Private (laughs)
    8. I went to Japan after my mom told me I was selfish (cries)
    9. taking pictures, decorate my diary, riding boards, doing my nails
    10. Since I was a kid I really liked dancing that I couldn’t stop!


    1. May 30th 1990, Gemini, B
    2. red and navy blue
    3. Because SNSD’s image color is pink
    4. with nails and accessories
    5. When I’m stylish with cute clothes
    6. Futagoza: Gemini♥
    7. knit and feminine style
    8. lately I only bum around the house (laughs)
    9. I like taking pictures and listening to music since a long time, in addition to that, lately I read books or watch movies a lot.
    10. Since I was a kid I liked imitating songs and dances. I grew up from that and became a singer. (laughs)


    1. February 10th 1990, Aquarius, O
    2. Black♥
    3. the color that can turn us from a woman into a girl
    4. a military jacket on a light pink flower patterned dress. A loose jumper with pink skinny pants is also cute!
    5. When I wear cute clothes
    6. KY is the abbreviation for ‘Kuuki wo yomenai’ and it means ‘to be unable to read the situation’
    7. I like Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang and ZUCCA
    8. Spring and summer clothes are just coming out, but I’ll refrain the urge to go shopping!
    9. Sticker wallpaper. I stick my favorite words on the wall.
    10. Because I feel the happiness when I’m expressing myself on stage.


    1. June 28th 1991, Cancer, A
    2. White
    3. The image of SNSD’s fashion
    4. I want to add pink accents in shoes, bags, and accessories.
    5. When I go shopping with my mom or a good friend.
    6. Ome ni kakaritai to omotteimashita: I’ve been wanting to meet you.
    7. a slim coat
    8. I think about it a lot if my choices are right.
    9. Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson
    10. Thinking that it makes me happy to cheer on people with music I wanted to become a singer.


    1. March 9th 1989, Pisces. O
    2. Purple, red ♥
    3. girlish image
    4. It’s not cute when everything is pink, I want to use it in boots and highlights.
    5. When I want to wear a skirt or pants.
    6. Naruhodo: Indeed, I see
    7. I like an easy-going style with old clothes ♥
    8. My right eye is itchy (laughs)
    9. Lately I’m into scents. Everywhere I go, I spray!
    10. I liked singing since I was a kid and my parents also supported me. I’m really happy I was able to meet everybody in SNSD.♥

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    Source: snsd-china.net/ scanned by min-ming

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