110305 YongSeo Couple Successfully Kiss

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    110305 YongSeo Couple Successfully Kiss

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-03-05, 14:12

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    The YongSeo couple has successfully done their first kiss.

    On the episode of We Got Married that aired on the 5th, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun were in the middle of their wedding photo shoot, continued from last week’s episode.

    During this episode, Seohyun wore several wedding dresses, gathering praise from many people. During the shoot, two CNBLUE members, 2AM’s Seulong, and Kim Nayoung visited the couple. When they came, they complained, “You guys have been married for a year, don’t you think it’s time for a kiss?”

    Seulong also put in to the photographer, Lee Jaeho, “Don’t you think all wedding pictures should have at least one kissing picture?”, and the photographer immediately liked the idea and agreed.

    In the end, the YongSeo couple had to do a kissing photo. Seohyun, who was completely embarrassed, nodded “Yes” to Yonghwa, who asked her, “Should I kiss you for real?” Yonghwa eventually gave Seohyun a kiss on the forehead, but very slowly.

    Afterwards, during the private interviews, Seohyun said, “I was hoping he would come closer.” while Yonghwa confessed, “The first kiss with Seohyun was [really] careful.”

    Meanwhile, the couple has finished their wedding photo shoot successfully.

    Credits: news.nate.com

    Photo Credits: news.nate.com

    Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang

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    Re: 110305 YongSeo Couple Successfully Kiss

    Post by haiz on 2011-03-05, 14:34

    only forehead kiss.......
    thank godness........
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    Re: 110305 YongSeo Couple Successfully Kiss

    Post by Goguma_Fan on 2011-03-07, 06:11

    Oh darn... I was so excited about the next episode after reading the title of this article. I'm still excited because there is something so sweet about a forehead kiss. Especially for this couple, I think it suits them better than an overly romantic or heart stopping kiss. I can imagine both of their hearts beating so quickly over something so innocent. I wonder what Seohyun meant by, "I was hoping he would come closer."

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    Re: 110305 YongSeo Couple Successfully Kiss

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