110301 Staff for Vita500 tweets about Girls' Generation

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    110301 Staff for Vita500 tweets about Girls' Generation

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-03-02, 08:01

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    As most of you guys should know by now, Girls' Generation is currently endorsing for Vita500. The official twitter for the company that the drink is under: Kwang Dong Pharmacy has been answering a lot of questions from fans about the Vita500 product, as well as the Girls. The staff member working the account has been really nice trying to answer all the international fans' tweets even though the English has been overwhelming her a bit. Hangthienbao and I asked her about her experience on set with the Girls and she was kind of enough to tweet us in Korean so that she could express herself fully and we told her that we would translate it:

    "All the members greeted everyone brightly (were well-mannered) and seemed to be full of energy. Each member had her own interview, in which they all worked very hard and were very pretty.

    As a client, I could have taken a photo with them, but couldn't because they were so pretty that I thought I'd come out badly (in comparison) T T. I did still get autographs, though. The members seemed to be very close (with each other). They were all so adorable.

    I actually used to like SNSD for their songs only (their songs are exciting/invigorating, right?) Maybe it's because they're modelling for our company but I'm starting to like them a lot now, too. I'm moved by how well-mannered their Korean and international fans are."

    Time after time it's great to see staff that work with the Girls compliment them on their work ethic and of course great manners! It's also nice to hear that her impression of SONEs is very positive! Let's continue to follow Vita500! We also learned through her that because their contract with SM is exclusive to just Korea right now, the exported bottles of Vita500 will not have the label with the girls' faces but if there's an update or change she'll let us know!

    Translated by: oniontaker @ soshified.com
    Source: @kwangdongpharm

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    Re: 110301 Staff for Vita500 tweets about Girls' Generation

    Post by Azu77 on 2011-03-03, 16:52

    if i am a worker for the CF i would do the same too :D

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