110217 E-Tribe: SNSD are top-notch artistes

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    110217 E-Tribe: SNSD are top-notch artistes

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-02-17, 14:05

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    Famous composers E-Tribe have nothing but all praise for SNSD.

    E-Tribe whose masterpiece includes great songs in the music industry such as Lee Hyori’s ‘U-Go-Girl’ and SNSD’s ‘Gee’ are now the producers of a new girl group called ‘Dal Shabet’. However, to them, the best idol group is SNSD.

    E-tribe recently told reporters, “Currently, there is yet a solo singer better than Rain and Lee Hyori. In the case of idol group, after TVXQ, SNSD seem to be the only group who can adapt and present themselves perfectly to various different styles”.

    Great artists could present their music effectively through the combination of dance, song and performances. E-Tribe also believed that an artist could produce something great not only with good song but also the existence of a unique concept at the right place and time.

    E-Tribe commented, “SNSD’s ‘Gee’ was a mega hit song and they continue to succeed with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, which was totally different from ‘Gee’ in terms of style. Similarly, this happened to ‘Oh!’ and the recently released ‘Hoot’ as well. In order to come up new appearances, ideas and endless possibilities are being explored to develop new styles”.

    They added, “In our opinion, after TVXQ, SNSD is the only idol group with variety of styles who could adapt well and perfectly express the feelings of their songs. ‘Thousand Faces’ are the best words to describe them”.

    Credit: tvreport.co.kr
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    Re: 110217 E-Tribe: SNSD are top-notch artistes

    Post by honeytera on 2011-02-19, 17:06

    for me,its true that snsd is good..and no one can deny that tvxq is the best..boy idol groups like beast can be like them also..i love every song they had in album..its hard to find artist's album that u can enjoy listening to every single song in their album..i can list some of good album..i love snsd 1st album,shinee world,beast shock of new era,blaq style,big bang,2ne1 n many more

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