SNSD @ Paradise in Phuket Preview Photobook Messages - Translated

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    SNSD @ Paradise in Phuket Preview Photobook Messages - Translated

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-02-08, 19:51

    Tiffany to Taeyeon

    Lastly, Taeyeon is not around right? If she's around I wouldn't be able to express myself... Taeyeon ahh, we have been keep bickering recently, we always get together and seperate again. On and off this have been happening for 6 years. We have been together for 6 years... And i just like the way we are. In future I will try to express myself more, same to you, try to express yourself more too.Do you know that i really really love you, and really really cherish you~ Do you know? I'm always thankful about it, really really love you~ Ding!

    Tiffany to Yuri

    And the next is Yuri. Mmm... thank you Yuri for always staying home with me. My buddy! My constant buddy- we make a good team and I feel you understand me. I often say unreasonable things, right? And I think I make no sense a lot of times. I like you cuz you try to understand my uncomprehensible sides. Love you!

    Taeyeon to Tiffany

    Tiffany…. Tiffany you were so excited before arriving in Phuket (Thailand)…. you’re our (the) Fany that I was roommates for the longest time since our trainee days~ I guess it’s hard to say something like this since we’ve known each other for so long, you know how it’s awkward for family members to talk about things like this. I really like you.. and I’ve also been grateful, and I can’t seem to express those type of feelings well right away, and especially, I think I act that way towards you. I’ve grown up in Korea, but you’ve emigrated from the States to Korea, so I’ve had a lot of thoughts like “I think our cultural differences would differentiate our opinions/thoughts.” I tried to be as open and understanding as possible, and at some point, it became natural and since we’ve been running into each other a lot, I think my old thought that our ‘cultural differences’ would set us apart has completely disappeared. I’m just glad that we’ve become so close to each other, and I really like/appreciate the present, because we’ve become so close to each other. Our memories that we shared from our trainee days are so precious to me, but I really like the present. Therefore, I am so grateful to you and me because of those moments/memories that we made, and since we have many days left together, I’ll just leave it at this/that.

    Taeyeon To Fans

    Dear. Fan

    Ever since the very beginning, the reason for all our actions and performance is you, and you enable us to do it, so you're the source of our energy. I have felt the importance of you since debut and to be honest, there is so much love I don't know if I could absorb it all, and sometimes I wonder what if there is so much space in my love basket? When it gets rough and tiring, your unconditional love keeps us going, thank you. We will try to show our true selves in return for the love. Not only to SONE in Korea, but to all the people in Asia and beyond all the way to Europe, we will find our fans and let you hear our music. Until then, we will continue to prepare and work hard. Thank you so much for always giving us the strength. I love you."

    Yuri to Jessica

    Jessica, After watching Sica for a while now, I think she's an attractive kid. Her face looks a little cold, but at the same time she seems innocent, and I think that's what makes her even more attractive. So from now on, cry a little more**- you seem little whiny, but I want to thank you so much for cooperating with me.**Yuri is basically telling Jessica to show her emotions more.

    Yuri to Tiffany

    Tiffany bling bling like the jewels. Tiffany, we've gotten closer these days and talked a lot more. And you're more thoughtful than you seem. It's almost like you don't know hardship or sadness because you seem so bright on the outside, but you pull through it all, and you're always thankful. I feel there is a lot to learn from you. You are a big strength. Thank you

    Yuri to Yoona

    My roommate Yoona. Yoona ah~ When I look at you I feel the world isn’t fair, it really isn’t fair. When I look at you I know it. Everytime I look at you I am in awe, how can such a beautiful girl exist in this world? You are polite and you are really nice to your unnies. You are not like a dongseng to me but more like a friend that I have knew for 10 years. We click so well and nothing can be more happy than to share a room and spend time with you every night. Let’s continue to talk more and yoona, if you are troubled you must tell me, your unnie, okay?

    Jessica to Yuri

    Yuri-ya~~ Yuri, you've been working out pretty hard recently. Bring me with you. Take me with you, more and more from now on, I think you're just a stereotypical AB blood type. But I love the way you laugh and when I'm with you I have so much fun. I hope you don't change the way you are.

    Jessica to Taeyeon

    Taeyeon ah! You say you have headache everyday, looks like you really have a bad headache, isn't because of pressure? Anyway~ Eat more foods that good for health. Hope that your head won't ache anymore. When I see you hurt, I feel your pain too. So, health is most important. The most important is our Taeyeon healthy forever~

    Jessica to Tiffany

    Dear Tiffany who……………… Fany~ the more i get to know you, and the more you get to know mewe have so much…………and you must also feel that we can rely on each other~ because i felt so Did you?so as two English speaking girls in the group, not only inside the group, but also outsidelet’s be friends forever. i like fany a lot and care a lot of you.

    Yoona to Yuri

    Yuri unnie, my roommate and the unnie whom I talked to the most last night after we got here. Uh… you really take good care of me, unnie and we talk about anything and everything. The necessities we need are down light and music… Unnie, we could have talked more if you didn’t sleep that early, so cut down on your sleep time and sleep a little later ~ Let’s find a interesting topic to talk about.

    Sunny to Tiffany

    My cutesy Fany Fany Tiffany~ Mmmm... I don't know why but my heart becomes emotional every time I see you. You always hold a lot in your eyes. I see you and you seem to be struggling alone within. I wish you wouldn't do that because I care for you. I wish you all the best in your future, and I bless you.

    Sunny to Taeyeon

    First, Taeyeon, since we share a room and I treasure you! Thanks always and sorry. We spend the most time together as roommates, even more than our families, and I'm sorry because I feel like I'm not so considerate to you. But I rely on you the most, you know all my secrets, and you're my closest friend Taeyeon! Thanks always, I trust and depend on you. Love you~


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