110129 #SNSDtoMY topped Twitter’s worldwide trending topic list

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    110129 #SNSDtoMY topped Twitter’s worldwide trending topic list

    Post by DyraSone on 2011-01-29, 11:08

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    Malaysian Sones are awesome.They managed to carry out a trending project on 29th January at 12AM KST to show SNSD how much they hope that the girls will pay Malaysia a visit.

    The project was started by a loyal Malaysian Sone @Fanwonder together with @Sonesea on Twitter.The trending project of #SNSDtoMY turned out to be a success as it got to the top of Twitter trending list a while after the trending project started.

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    It was a success not only for Malaysian SONEs, but also South East Asia and all the SONEs in the world. It has been proven once again that Kpop is dominating the world stage and SNSD’s popularity have increased tremendously in the past couple of years. Malaysian SONEs have been dreaming of seeing the girls live in person for almost 4 years and it is time to have their voices heard. That effort was being channeled and echoed to the rest of the world through SONESEA, the South East Asia SNSD Fan Union‘s project ‘Trending The Sea‘ which started on January 29th at 12am KST. #SNSDtoMY being the first-leg of the project. For two months, there will be trending projects for the rest of the countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, etc where fans in the countries in this region are very ‘hungry’ and ‘determined’ to go all out just to catch a glimpse of the girl.

    As mentioned earlier, the victory belonged to all SONEs in the world. Due to the passion and love for the girls, SONEs joined hands and helped out one another to make their dreams come true. Like Tiffany said, strong chemistry and team work is the strength and key to a firm foundation of a group. Indeed this also applies to SONEs. Fans have been standing side by side supporting and loving the girls for almost 4 years now and #SNSDtoMy’s success on Twitter along with other successful activities such as Soshified’s meet-ups, NorCal SONEs flashmob, etc are the indication of how united SONEs are.

    As there will be more trending projects coming up, it will be awesome to see #SNSDtoTH, #SNSDtoINA, #SNSDtoVN, #SNSDtoSG, #SNSDtoPH, etc taking the no.1 worldwide trending topic spot as well. Let’s make those wishes a reality, SONEs.

    Let's hope that SM Entertainment and SNSD see this and visit Malaysia soon,hwaiting to all Malaysian Sones and kpop fans who helped in this project.

    Credit: IQ_of_62@Twitter for the screencap,fanwonder,dkpopnews
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