110127 ‘Death Note’ Director named SNSD as the best idol for the past 50 years

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    110127 ‘Death Note’ Director named SNSD as the best idol for the past 50 years

    Post by DyraSone on 2011-01-27, 13:57

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    Shusuke Kaneko, the Director of ‘Death Note‘ who is also a big fan of SNSD tweeted about the girls recently.

    On January 25th, Kaneko tweeted, “Although I’m saying this while I’m drunk, SNSD is the best idol group in the past 50

    years (among singers)”.

    He also tweeted earlier, on January 19th about the girls’ newly released MV for Intel Collaboration Song ‘Visual Dreams’. In his tweet, he mentioned, “I managed to watch the full version PV for SNSD’s new song ‘Visual Dream’. It’s advanced. Aren’t they going to release a Japanese version PV for ‘Run Devil Run’?”

    Kaneko-san is current using a picture of the girls in Hanbok as his profile picture on Twitter. In his profile, he described himself as ‘SNSD fan, Film Director’. The well-known Japanese director had been tweeting a lot about SNSD.

    Besides SNSD, he also showed his concerns towards Kara. On January 20th, Kaneko tweeted, “I have no idea but Kara seems to be in a serious situation”. On January 27th, he tweeted again but this time he was comparing SNSD and Kara’s songs. He stated, “The Japanese version of Kara’s songs are easier for Japanese to remember and sing along”.

    Last year, after SNSD’s first showcase in Tokyo, Director Kaneko wrote in his photoblog, “I was stunned by SNSD’s stage performance. They were overflowing with charm on stage”.

    Credit: nate.com/shusukekaneko@Twitter/Fanwonder


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