110112 SNSD appeared on Peruvian TV



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    110112 SNSD appeared on Peruvian TV

    Post by dinii.sone on 2011-01-12, 13:42

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    SNSD are on the brink of global domination, especially with the collaboration with Intel Asia lately. We have also seen some early signs of Europe turning PINK soon with media and website coverage involving the girls.

    The wave does not stop in Europe though as it has made its way to South America especially Brazil and Peru where fan sites are mushrooming. These sites have done some amazing stuff to spread Soshi love in the region.

    Recently, on a special kpop program aired by a Peruvian TV station in Chiclayo, SNSD was mentioned and some cuts from ‘Oh!’ MV was shown. During broadcast, the host mentioned:

    Host: But if you think that only girls enjoy the fever of asian music, you’re wrong. There is something for boys too. I introduce you the Korean Divas, a group known as SNSD or Girls’ Generation.

    *Footage – Oh! (SNSD)

    Host: They are voted as the ‘Best Girl Group of Korea’ with millions of views on YouTube.

    Guy: yeah, the girls are beautiful…

    *Host then talked about other groups.

    Here is the video clip showing the broadcast on the mentioned Peruvian TV program.

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    Korean media sees the second half of 2010 and 2011 as the golden era of idol groups in Korea. In fact, the Kpop phenomenon is spreading beyond the boundaries of Korean peninsular and this is just the beginning. It is possible that in a few years time, the whole world would be listening to Kpop. Of course, if there is an idol group who could make such a dream comes true, it has to be SNSD!

    Credit: SONESPeru@Twitter/SONESPeru@YouTube
    Taken from : fanwonder.com

    Girls' Generation
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