101230 It’s a super busy day for the girls!


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    101230 It’s a super busy day for the girls!

    Post by tank3006 on 2010-12-30, 10:00

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    On December 30th, SNSD will be traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan as they will be attending the year-end events in the 2 countries. This is indeed the proof that SNSD are currently enjoying huge popularity in both countries.

    The girls departed for Japan last night (sportsseoul.com mentioned ‘this morning’, which is wrong) and they will be attending the ‘Japan Record Awards’ which will be televised LIVE on TBS. ‘The 52nd Japan Record Awards‘ is an annual award ceremony organized by Composers Association of Japan and SNSD have been nominated for the Best Rookie Award.

    After the award ceremony (probably after Best Rookie Award is announced), the girls will be taking an express plane ride to Korea where they will be performing at the ‘2010 KBS Song Festival‘. According to the list of performances released by KBS, SNSD will only be performing in the second half of the show. For this year’s festival, SNSD are set to grace the stage with ‘Run Devil Run‘ and then followed by ‘Oh!‘. For the ‘Most Popular Song Award’, SNSD who have released 3 powerful hits, ‘Oh!’, ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘Hoot’ are seen strong contenders.

    The overlapping schedules are indeed adding more burden to their already-hectic schedules and the girls ought to be praised for their willingness and determination to attend both events. We hope that the girls would have plenty of rest once the year-end events are over.

    Credit: sportsseoul.com/kbsworldtv@Twitter

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