101223 SNSD, the remedy for loneliness


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    101223 SNSD, the remedy for loneliness

    Post by tank3006 on 2010-12-23, 09:21

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    SNSD were voted as the artists who provided the greatest comfort for those having a lonely and arduous life this year.

    Matchmaking company, Bien-Aller in collaboration with feelingyou.net carried out a survey involving 846 individuals (423 men and women respectively) who are hoping to get married, nationwide (Korea Republic). The result was obtained from the survey entitled “The greatest comfort for the past one year” which was conducted through e-mails.

    For the survey ‘The singer who gave the greatest comfort to those living a lonely life in the past one year‘, SNSD topped the list where 48.6% of male and 30.7% of female respondents selected SNSD as the artists who made their life more colorful.

    In terms of percentage of votes cast by male respondents, Kara came in 2nd with 19.4%, miss A in 3rd with 15.6% and 2NE1 in 4th with 7.8%. In terms of female votes, 2AM took the 2nd place with 23.2%, T-Ara with 19.2% secured the 3rd spot and Kara came in 4th with 15.4%.

    Credit: newswire.co.kr/yoongislove@Twitter

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