101220 Seohyun Gets Shocked - Underwear?


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    101220 Seohyun Gets Shocked - Underwear?

    Post by tank3006 on 2010-12-20, 08:46

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    On MBC's We Got Married that aired on the 18th, The Goguma couple is seen ''interviewing'' CN Blue's Dorm. In order to finish the couple song, Yonghwa recommanded going to CN Blue's dorm who have the recording devices ready. Before going, Yonghwa called Jonghyun and asked him what he is doing. He doesn't know that Yonghwa turned the speaker on and replied ''Relaxing on the bed in underwear'', this let Seohyun who's is sitting beside freaking out.

    Yonghwa that said ''I turned on the speaker and everyone heard it. Seohyun is freaking out''. Jonghyun suddenly became nervous and keep asking ''She Heard it? She Heard it?''. However, the thing that let Seohyun even more shocked is that Jonghyun Said ''Minhyuk is also doing the same thing''. After Seohyun suffered the attack, she said ''I'm not going''. This let everyone in the recording studio burst out in laughter.

    Credits: Baidu Goguma Couple
    Translated By (From Chinese): WendyLoveSoshi@SoNyuhShiDaeNews

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