101116 The mischievous Sica preyed on YoonA



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    101116 The mischievous Sica preyed on YoonA

    Post by dinii.sone on 2010-11-16, 05:12

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    Recently, a cute and funny video of Jessica had surfaced on Internet community sites.

    The interesting video footage was shot by fans at 2010 SBS Sharing Love Concert which was held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of SBS.

    During the performance of G.O.D’s song “One Candle”, Jessica took two pieces of paper confetti and placed it below her eyes, while giving out a very cute pose, much to the amusement of the MCs (YoonA, Jokwon and Yonghwa).

    That was not the end it. After the paper tears act, Jessica again took some of the paper confettis and mischievously put some on YoonA’s head.

    Netizens who saw the video commented:

    -”Cutie Jung is totally cute”.
    -”Sica only use aegyo against YoonA”.
    -”Totally cute. This is real”
    -”Irresistable aegyo instincts. Where else can you find it?”

    Credit: news.mk.co.kr
    Taken from : fanwonder

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