101115 SNSD Taeyeon Hated Their Song "Gee" and "Hoot"


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    101115 SNSD Taeyeon Hated Their Song "Gee" and "Hoot"

    Post by tank3006 on 2010-11-15, 08:07

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    At first, Girls' Generation wasn't as popular as they are now. In fact, Girls' Generation was constantly running behind the Wonder Girls. This all changed when they released "Gee", a hit single that swept the nation and set a record for number of weeks it placed first on the charts.

    However, not everyone liked "Gee". In fact, Taeyeon hated it so much that when she heard it, she cried because she didn't want to sing it. Taeyeon added that she hated both Gee and Hoot, and yet both songs are popular. She said that the only song she liked that they promoted was "Run Devil Run".

    It seems that Taeyeon doesn't like the styles that are associated with "Gee" and "Hoot", but prefers the opposite style that they used for the concept of "Run Devil Run". Does this mean that Girls' Generation might promote more "dark concept" songs in the future?

    Wow! that was a surprise. Two big hit songs but the leader doesn't even want to sing it. Since "Gee" and "Hoot" are kinda girly type of songs and "Run Devil Run" have a dark concept, does this mean SNSD will perform songs with that will have a dark concept in their mini albums/albums?


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