101114 The “DoppelTAENGer Case”


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    101114 The “DoppelTAENGer Case”

    Post by tank3006 on 2010-11-14, 07:16

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    The ‘Doppelganger case’ involving Kid Leader Taeyeon and Rainbow’s member Jisook surfaces again.

    Since last summer, fans have been debating on Taeyeon and Jisook’s look-alike topic. SNSD’s fans said, “They don’t look alike at all” while Rainbow fans commented, “They do bear resemblance to each other”

    On the other hand, both Taeyeon and Jisook have some similarities such as having adorable facial features and expressions as well as having good impression from the public.

    The “Doppelganger case” was raised again recently after the two cuties stood adjacent to each other on a music program. Besides Taeyeon, Jisook was also said to have resemblance to other female celebraties, notably singer Wink and Gag Woman (Comedian) Jung Kyungmi.

    Credit: tvdaily.co.kr

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