101107 'Hoot' entered TOP 3 Best Selling Albums in 2010!


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    101107 'Hoot' entered TOP 3 Best Selling Albums in 2010!

    Post by ♥Jessica on 2010-11-07, 12:31

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    Top 10 Best Selling Albums [01.01.10] - [11.05.10]

    #1. Super Junior(SM) Bonamana Ver A 129,***
    #2. 소녀시대(SM) Oh 122,***
    #3. 소녀시대(SM) Hoot 63,***
    #4. SHINEe(SM) Lucifer ver A 58,***
    #5. BoA(SM) Hurricane Venus 57,***
    #6. 소녀시대(SM) Run Devil Run 55,***
    #7. JYJ( ex-SM) The Beginning 50,***
    #8. 2NE1 (YG) To Anyone 50,***
    #9. Super Junior(SM) Bonamana ver B 48,***
    #10. Super Junior (SM) No Other 44,***

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    First of all, I should say that this is awesome. You can see 9 of TOP 10 Best Album is from SM Artist, such as Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, BoA, and even JYJ (ex-SM artist). The only one not from SM is just 2NE1 (from YG Etertainment).

    What make it's interesting is, Hoot now had tight competition with 2AM's 1st Album, Saint O'clock. They competing in the number of album sold in one weeks. I got information that I AM (2AM's fans) focused to had massive sales on 2nd weeks in order to make 2AM win Music Bank over SNSD. Because they're know SONEs (SNSD's fans) has bought too much already in the first week.

    And yes, in this 2nd weeks, the number of Hoot album sold is far behind Saint O'clock, they have around 10.000 copies difference. But, it's unexpectable or maybe already planned by K-SONEs, that yesterday, SNSD has boost and closed the gap very close from 10.000 to 2000 in one day~! So, for this 2nd weeks, SNSD and 2AM only had small gap.

    Yesterday, SNSD sold around 13.000 copies of Hoot, while 2AM is only around 4000 copies. Well, it's very awesome~! And not only they made small gap with 2AM, but they also made Hoot surpass Run Devil Run's number of album sold. And Hoot even entered to TOP 3 Best Selling Album in 2010, just behind Super Junior's Bonamana and SNSD's 2nd Full Album, Oh!.

    As planned before, SM Entertainment will release Hoot in Japan next december. So we will see the number of Hoot album sold will still increasing by the end of this year.

    Since 1 weeks it released, Hoot already surpass SHINee's Lucifer, BoA's Hurricane Venus, JYJ's The Beginning and 2NE1's To Anyone. This show us that SNSD is the most productive idol group / singer in 2010. By far, they already sold around 240.000 copies. While Super Junior sold 221.000 copies.

    And we still expect more to come from them. Outside Korea, they sold more than 100.000 copies only for Japanese Genie and more than 80.000 copies for Japanese Gee.

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