101107 Girls' Generation Memoirs Record Information Book - Preorder and Information


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    101107 Girls' Generation Memoirs Record Information Book - Preorder and Information

    Post by Tetsuya on 2010-11-07, 04:56

    Release on 12 November

    Information Here

    001 Introduction of snsd: Let's Dancing! Member/Dance/Fashion/Goods

    010 Introduction

    017 Chapter 1: Secret story of Snsd's formation

        The birth of snsd/a new group introduced on the homepage...etc.

    031 Chapter 2: Secret of the cuteness of the 9 members you want to know more about.

     032 Yoona: The mischievous and sweet natural beauty

        The most popular among guys?/ YoonA fans are increasing even in the show business world/ her crying while watching Kimura Takuya's drama! and the reason of those tears...etc.

    040 Sooyoung: long, beautiful legs that unintentionally fascinates, the reliable older sister who speaks Japanese fluently.

        She actually debuted already on ASAYAN./ We want to be successfull in Japan but also in America! ...etc.

    048 Yuri: The dark skinned beauty who spreads her interest in health.

        full of playfulness, a girl that plays pranks a lot、the health enthusiast who drinks ma juice every day...etc.

    056 Seohyun: a refreshingly innocent girl that everyone wants to protect

        her thoroughgoing self-discpline / a serious and beautiful 'model student'/ 'self-development' is the favorite book genre of this diligent girl...etc.

    064 Jessica: She even attracts soushoku-kei danshi* / a cool and strong-willed queen.

       her freewheeling personality which everyone falls in love with./ Her younger sister is Krystal. The younger sister talks about her elder sister's kindness...etc.

    *shoushoku-kei danshi: boys whose personality is quiet, soft, gentle, not wild. This type of guy is a new phenomenon in Japan. so for more explanation go here: http://ht.ly/35tGb

    072 Taeyeon: She also had solo activities, the leader of snsd.

       her aspiration is to become like BoA. /Will she also succeed as a solo artist!?...etc.

    080 Sunny: She is small, but the hardest worker in snsd

        Her complex is that she is only 155cm./ Member by her own merit!...etc.

    088 Hyoyeon: Her nickname is dancing queen.

        trains hard in male-oriented dance style (popping)/She has thought about quitting snsd before...etc.

    096 Tiffany: The popular member that even others in SNSD acknowledge.

       Suffering from vocal cords nodules and injury to her foot. She was unlucky!/snsd is like a cake or dessert...etc.

    104 Snsd the friendly sunbae/sempai and the close kouhai/hoobaes

    105 Chapter 3: Snsd's touching stories

    9 girls that debuted brilliantly/ participation in charity activities...etc

    120 Snsd's footsteps/tracks

    124 Fashionable generation

        Snsd changed into dolls!?/ SNSD occupied the cover (of a magazine) with rainbow colors ...etc

    128 The birth of a big hit dance

        Yoona's concern/ Jessica's thoughts 

    credit translation: bekkychan@twitter

    editors: hiros2008@twitter, ramunemarble@twitter, reliablematt@twitter

    Preorder - Amazon.co.jp


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