101105 SM To Take Formal Procedures Towards Super Lucky?


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    101105 SM To Take Formal Procedures Towards Super Lucky?

    Post by tank3006 on 2010-11-05, 05:42

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    Following the broadcast of a Taiwanese talk show which highlights the picture of SNSD in topics related to “sexual service and plastic surgery by Korean artists”, SM Entertainment has responded strongly as such defamatory acts could damage the image of the girls who are innocent and often being used by the media to fish for publicity.

    On November 4th, through a telephone conversation with Asian Economic Sports Today, a representative from SM Entertainment said, “The Taiwanese program has presented false, exaggerated and distorted facts to its viewers. This is a defamation and could cause serious damage to SNSD’s image. As for the broadcasting company, We shall respond on this serious matter strongly through formal procedures”.

    The show entitled “Fate Is Fun” was aired by Super Lucky (超 视)TV and during the broadcast, a picture of SNSD was shown, with a large defamatory caption “sexual favor”. On to the show, Chen Ling Ling said, “Korean artists are forced to provide sexual favors under immense pressure by the agency and in some cases, these artists were pushed to the brink of committing suicide”.

    The use of SNSD’s picture in the program gave an impression to the viewers that SNSD are involved in such acts and this would definitely hurt the girls’ reputation.

    Following the distorted and false facts presented by the Taiwanese show, netizens expressed their concert by commenting, “I’m concerned that SNSD would get hurt from these malicious reports”.

    Taken from: Fanwonder

    Recently SM Entertainment's artistes seem to be under quite a number of controversies, but this seems to be a negligence on "Super Lucky"'side.

    Even Super Junior's Ryeowook fumed when he found out about the news and tweeted about it as we have previously reported . here


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