101101 Yuri – “It was too hard”


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    101101 Yuri – “It was too hard”

    Post by tank3006 on 2010-11-01, 07:15

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    On SBS “Good Sunday – Running Man” aired on October 31st, Yuri appeared as a guest on the show and went through the missions and challenges with the member of the cast.

    The “Running Man” members apologized to Yuri before the show as they discussed a strategy secretly to trick her.

    In the 8:1 Challenge, Yuri and the members of the cast were supposed to solve 10 questions in 100 seconds. When it comes to Yuri’s turn to act out the answer for the speed quiz, the members deliberately guessed the wrong answer and made Yuri the cause of their failure.

    After series of failure, Yuri who felt guilty for letting the whole team down, sat down and cried while saying, “It was too hard”.

    However, as soon as they members saw her tears, they revealed the whole situation and the hidden camera. Yuri responded, “What is this?”. Yuri added, “I thought Haha and Gary were really smart as they were able to guess correctly without much clue”. The statement drew laughter from the members.

    Credit: etoday.co.kr
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